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A Message From Our Pastor

"We strive as a congregation to do what it takes to keep the word of God alive and to be present for others, knowing that God does not ask us to do anything that we are not already able to do. This includes giving of our selves out of our abundance. What we do for others is just one way of engaging in our journey for the soul. In addition to our great mountain views, you will see also that we have an even greater vision that includes you. Be prepared to think about what your faith means to you and whether you believe what you think and think what you believe at this time in your life. You will have, as do we, the respect and trust that comes from a people with no agenda other than to do what we are able to do in the name of God, as we are led by the Holy Spirit and teachings of Christ.

Our sanctuary is a safe place to worship God because we are not judged by what we think and believe.  We are invited to hear the word of God and to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, whether we believe the elements are transubstantiated into the body and blood, or serve as reminders of God's grace and welcome to all who partake.  The same goes for baptism, whether we believe infant and/or adult baptism is valid.   

We have created relationships borne of mutual respect and trust in our study groups as well.  We are free and safe to say what we think and what we believe on any given subject and topic.  The flip side of that is that our exchanges of information and conversation are experienced in a forthright manner that include active listening and honest participation.  These are some of the practices we have established that fulfill the intention of Jesus to fear not and love one another.  

Our aim goes beyond stating views and holding a position as we strive to learn and grow together in our faith.  Agreeing to disagree leaves us stuck where we are.  Agreeing to be civil and thoughtful of one another as we increase our knowledge and shine the light of insight in an atmosphere of good faith feeds discourse worth having. Our members and friends have the opportunity to improve and maintain the safety or our setting for worship by identifying and acting on risk management issues as well.We invite you to join us."

 Pastor Briney-Rev. James Briney, B.A., M.Div.


We invite you to join us." -Rev. James Briney, B.A., M.Div.

      Pastor Briney

ORO VALLEY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST is one of over five thousand congregations in the United Church of Christ,

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